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About CreativeList The Revolution Behind The Creative Talent Search Engine.


150k+ Creatives

9k+ Cities

150 Countries

Our Core Mission

We are commited to create the first fair largest index of creatives from all around the world in order to make it easier for customers and clients to hire you for their diverse projects. Our main values:

  • You First

    Empowering you with features that will help your creative business thrive and succeed is one of our core value. We will develop and add features that helps you achieve success.

  • Fair

    The creative community has suffered at great length from cutoff prices and platforms that charges customers an extra 10-20%, a flat fee, or both. Our prices are fair, increasing your revenues.

  • Authentic

    Being warm, honest, open and direct with you is core to everything we do. It creates an discussion where you can freely ask for help, and we'll do our best.

Application Process

Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure customers and clients can easily view your portfolio, discover your work and hire you. The application has 3 main stages:

  1. Submitting

    You can fill and submit your application directly from your account. When your application is filled and submitted, it goes into our review process. Start now

  2. Review

    Depending on the plan you've selected, we verify your website matches the application information, provides a clear portfolio and offers an easy way to contact.

  3. Approval

    Your website is immediately indexed and displayed in our index, and depending on the plan you selected, your website might be featured on different areas of the site.

In the case some information are missing or your website is not approved, we reach out to explain the situation. Usually, it's because the website does not showcase a portfolio or does not offer an easy way to contact you. If you don't have a website, we highly recommend Format.com.

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Want to know more?

We're always happy to help. So if you have questions, concerns, or simply want to say hi, feel free to send us an email.